Artists Pigments

VendorTypeColor NameChemical CompositionColor Index NameColor Index NumberPermanenceOpacity
BlockxAwBlockx BluePB15:1100%T
BlockxAwBlockx GreenPG7100%T
BlockxAwBlockx RedPR254100%St
BlockxAwBlockx YellowPY3100%T
BlockxAwBurnt Sienna DeepPBr7100%T
BlockxAwBurnt Sienna LightPBr7100%T
BlockxAwBurnt UmberPBr7100%T
BlockxAwCadmium PurplePR108100%O
BlockxAwCadmium RedPR108100%O
BlockxAwCadmium Red OrangePO20100%O
BlockxAwCadmium Yellow MediumPY35100%O
Blockx AwCadmium Yellow OrangePO20100%O
BlockxAwCadmium Yellow PalePY35100%O
BlockxAwCerulean BluePB36100%St
BlockxAwCerulean GreyPB35100%St
BlockxAwChrome GreenPG17100%O
BlockxAwCobalt BluePB28100%T
BlockxAwCobalt Blue DarkPB74100%T
BlockxAwCobalt GreenPG17100%St
BlockxAwCobalt VioletPV14100%St
BlockxAwCrimson LakePR264100%T
BlockxAwCyanine BluePB28, PB15:1100%T
BlockxAwDioxazine MauvePV23100%T
BlockxAwFr. Ultramarine Blue LightPB29100%T
BlockxAwGold OchrePBr7100%St
BlockxAwGolden GreenPY154, PG36100%St
BlockxAwGreen EarthPG23100%O
BlockxAwHooker’s GreenPBr7, PB7100%T
BlockxAwIndanthrene BluePB60100%T
BlockxAwIndian YellowPY154, PO73100%St
BlockxAwIndigoPB29, PB15, PBk9100%T
BlockxAwItalian EarthPBr7100%T
BlockxAwIvory BlackPBk9100%St
BlockxAwLamp BlackPbk6100%O
BlockxAwLemon YellowPY184100%St
BlockxAwLight RedPR102100%O
BlockxAwManganese VioletPV16100%T
BlockxAwNaples YellowPW4, PY35, PY42100%St
BlockxAwNaples Yellow ReddishPW4, PY35, PY42, PO20100%St
BlockxAwNeutral TintPBk11, PB15, PV19100%T
BlockxAwNickel YellowPY53100%St
BlockxAwOlive GreenPY154, PG7, PV19

BlockxAwPayne’s GreyPBk11, PB29, PB15:1100%T
BlockxAwPermanent GreenPY154, PG7100%T
BlockxAwPermanent OrangePO62100%St
BlockxAwPhthalo GreenPG36100%T
BlockxAwPrimary BluePB15:3100%T
BlockxAwPrimary YellowPY154100%St
BlockxAwPrussian BluePB29100%T

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